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On our homepage www.saferec.ch you simply chose by clicking the right button which products or devices you would like to have irreversibly destructed. You can just chose one product or select more items in parallel. After you have completed the order and payed the service fee, you will receive an email confirming your order. Please print the confirmation and sign it in the respective field to confirm that you would like to have your device destroyed irreversibly. Place the signed letter together with the device that you would like to have destructed into a box and place the address which you have received by email as well on top of the package and close it tightly. Next, you simply have to bring the package to the next post office and send it either per normal or registered package. 

Optionally you can also order a right sized box (23x16x4cm) for a small surcharge during the order process. You will receive this box including all necessary forms by mail. Then you only have to sign the form and send it together with the device back to SafeRec as described above.

The box will be send to SafeRec who is integrated into the logistic network center of Swiss post in Pratteln. Therefore it is guaranteed that your box stays within the internal post network after you have handed it in at any post office. The post network is a closed loop system and absolutely safe! 

Arriving at SafeRec the box will be opened and your device will be destroyed and shredded as you have ordered. The destruction process follows clear DIN 66399 guidelines. Afterwards you will receive an email with a certificate of destruction. Your data storage device is by then irreversibly destroyed, all data deleted and the service order completed.

In case you want to destroy a larger amount of data storage devices or if you have other products which you would like to destroy then please contact us with your special request under info@saferec.ch. We will get back to you timely with an offer and a solution which fits your needs.