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Day to day you save personal and confidential data on your electronic data storage devices!

How important is your privacy to you?

How do you ensure that nobody can access your personal data especially when you change and/or upgrade from an existing to a new device or computer?

Data protection is of highest priority

  • Prevent that your personal data will be misused. 
  • Prevent that your devices will be traded via non-secure channels or via black markets.
  • Prevent that your personal data will be made public without your consents or even worse that others will make use of your personal data to blackmail you.

Here is the problem

It happens again and again that confidential information make it back from the recycling circleto the public. Complete laptops or computers or even spare parts such as hard drives or other data storage devices containing confidential or personal data were traded on online platforms. 

There were even cases where people were confronted with their own data after they have disposed their devices via the regular recycling channels.

Current status

For private individuals as well as for most of the small to mid-sized companies and even larger corporations there are no or only very limited solutions available to safely and irreversibly delete their confidential data and destroy their electronic or digital devices. More often people try to use a hammer to physically destroy the device, or take a driller to drill holes into it before throwing them into the garbage bin. And there is all kind of other methods which at the end will not protect your confidential information from experts who are able to even get information from these punished devices. 

The solution

SafeRec deletes your data and detroys your devices irreversibly! SafeRec destroys, crushes and shreds all kind of digital data storage devices in an own, suitable and dedicated plant. After the complete and irreversible destruction the customer will receive an email with a certificate of destruction so that he can be 100% sure that his confidential data as well as his device is completely destroyed. This makes sure that none of your confidential information will get to the public.